Why Title Insurance?

legal documentAs early as 1640, settlers in the new world saw the need for a safe, accurate system of recording land transactions in the public records. In the 1870's land title insurance was developed as a safeguard against forged records, inaccurate record searches, and other title problems.

Today, property owners need title protection more than ever. A deed to a piece of property does not necessarily prove that the seller is the owner of the property. The will or deed could be forged, undisclosed heirs could lay claim to the land, or errors in clerical work could endanger a person's legal title to his land.

Services We Provide

woman holding clipboardSecurity Title can provide title insurance to cover costs, attorney's fees, and expenses to defend your title as insured. Your property can be fully protected for as long as you own it. The policy can even protect your heirs.

But providing title insurance is only one part of our full range of customer services. Upon receipt of a contract or instructions from the bank/mortgage company, we schedule a title search. We do a title search to determine that within the last 60 years, all property transfers were done properly, all liens were removed from the property and no judgements remain against the property.

We coordinate with the mortgage company/bank to obtain all documents required to purchase or sell a home, including surveys, home owners insurance, flood insurance, real estate tax payments, payoff statements for existing liens, commitments for title insurance, termite reports and moisture damage reports.

We work with the Real Estate agents to be sure all requirements stated in the contract have been met and satisfied. We use the Real Estate agents as a point of contact to be sure all involved parties have all of the necessary information.

At settlement we review with the client all of the documents to be signed and answer any questions they may have. We provide the client with a copy of all paperwork pertinent to the transfer of the property.

After settlement, we prepare the document for return to the Mortgage company/bank as well as record necessary documents in the Clerk’s Office. We then send all monies owed to the appropriate parties and proceed to issue title insurance and close the file

Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers

house searchTechnical knowledge and experience are required for a smooth real estate closing. Security Title acts as an escrow agent, holding legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller. All parties involved in a transaction rely on the escrow holder to follow the instructions of both parties without bias. Whether it's a multi-million dollar closing, a multi-state transaction, or closing on the house around the corner, Security Title can supply quick and accurate service.

Attorneys and Lenders

bankSecurity Title can provide fast, reliable information regarding lien status and federal and state tax liens. We provide attorneys the best title information and assistance for their examination of real estate titles, closing, and curing of title defects.

Selling Your Home?

house for saleYour realtor will provide many valuable services in the marketing and sale of your home. When your agent asks if you have a preference with regard to title insurance, escrow, and closing services we hope you'll specify Security Title Insurance Agency of Utah, Inc.

The staff at Security Title prepares for and closes home sales every day.

If you have questions or don't have an agent to tell you how to proceed once you have a buyer for your home, give us a call or send us an email today!